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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Sick of the gay.

Alright, I've had enough...  I'm so sick of this gay rights thing.  It seems like all I hear about lately is gay marriage, and people getting ostracized for using derogatory homosexual terminology.

An opening picture of lesbians guarantees blog hits.
So let's start with gay marriage...  It's just plain wrong.

I am completely opposed to gay marriage, why you ask?  It says right in the Bible....

Men shall not marry men, because...  ummm, wait.  It doesn't say that?  Errr, OK.  Well, what the hell?

My way or the highway!
As I understand it, and I'm not a Bible scholar by any means, but Leviticus condemns men lying down with men.  (It doesn't really talk about marriage.)  It also condemns a whole bunch of other things to, like trimming your beard or the hair on the sides of your head or letting your hair get unkempt, wearing mixed blend fabrics, eating seafood without scales, tearing your clothes, and your not allowed to sell your countrymen as slaves.  (Feel free to sell foreigners.)

Also, it's cool with lesbians...  It talks about men lying down with men, but women can lie with whoever they want to.  Which is why the picture above is totally cool with the Bible.

What's more, as I understand it, many of the rules set forth in the beginning of the Bible, were specifically designed to keep the Israelites healthy and fruitful.  You see back in the days of the Old Testament, they didn't have a lot of medical know how like we have today.  In 3400 years from now when we are growing new skin to replace the cancerous cells, they will wonder why we used sunblock, as such, we have to wonder why 3400 years ago they were told not to eat pigs or shellfish.  They simply didn't have the refrigeration systems to keep food fresh like we do, and the chance of food spoiling, then you getting sick and dying was much higher.

And no delicious cocktail sauce either....
The other part of that was a civilization would be more powerful if they had a greater population.  This is so they could produce more warriors to defend and take resources, and more labour to help tend the land.  (As well as to capture foreigners to help out for rock bottom prices.) So it was crucial for the people to stay healthy and multiply often.  

To that end it kind of makes sense to ensure that every "delivery of DNA fun gravy" was delivered to a waiting woman, so she could do her evil woman magic and make a baby.  There were also rules against spilling your seed, and not sleeping with "unclean" women.  (Unclean is a un-nice way to say on the rag.)  All the rules were designed to ensure a big, happy, population.  This is the reason they didn't want men wasting their seed on other men, and that women could happily do whatever they liked.

Quick reminder:  The rules say 'Totes awesome sauce!'

Hey!  Check out my sombrero!
So if the rules were put in place to keep a specific group of people 3400 years ago healthy and multiplying, one has to wonder why we would still follow the same rules when the population has raised from 7 million to 7 billion!  Currently the earth is quite over populated, and sustainability of resources is a major issue.  Continuing being fruitful right now will probably lead to a huge Malthus population check.  (In essence a famine or disease caused by over population that will kill off enough people so that there's enough resources for everyone.  Like the Black Plague.)  So if the rules are unhealthy for humanity, it does kind of make sense to disregard them until our population is down to 1/10th its current size.

So lets put those rules aside, I still have to say I'm against gay marriage, and I'll tell you why....

A while ago I met someone.  Upon first meeting him, he appeared to be an effeminate man.  I made the assumption that this person was a gay male.  It may very well have been my personal bias and stereotypes taking over, but that was the assumption I made.

And you know what happens when you make an assumption right?  (Everyone recite the cliche now...)

No, you make an ass out of you and mption...
You form an opinion based on observable data and experience, which you can then test out to ensure accuracy.

However, it turns out this person was not a gay male after all.  This person physical female who was on hormone therapy and living the life of a male.  This is considered transgendered because she/he emotionally has a personal sense that they are a male.  

OK, so fine...  So this person is transgendered, I can handle that, I'm a man of the world.  No judgement.  However, I couldn't help but wonder, does that make them gay?  So they are physically female, and act like a stereotypical gay man, so maybe he sleeps with other gay men?  But wait, since he feels like a man, wouldn't that indeed mean that he should want to sleep with women?  But since he's pre-op, and technically physically a female, doesn't that mean that he's a lesbian?

Or I had lice, I'm not sure...
Needless to say, trying to figure it out my head started to spin.  This whole situation didn't fit into any of the normalites of my pre-conceived notions of what straight and gay were.  

After struggling with this in my own mind, I came to a conclusion...  WHO THE HELL CARES!!!!  This person seems happy doing what they are doing, so why do I have this stupid desire to label them and put them into a bucket.  We are all individuals, and we do whatever we do to get by in our lives.  People don't have to be in buckets because buckets separate us.  When we are separated we can exclude those of us who don't fit in our little bucket, but there's no determination that one bucket is right or wrong.  Providing your not harming anyone, I'm good.  Do what you want.  Be gay!  Be straight!  Be mixed!  Just be human, or don't...  It doesn't matter to me.  In fact most people shift on the Kinsey scale throughout their lives.  (A recognized rating system between 0-6 determining complete heterosexuality to complete homosexuality)  So there's not even a black and white answer.  Most people are a little Dusty.

I'm against gay marriage, because I'm against putting people in buckets.  Marriage is marriage regardless of who's involved.  If you love someone, and they love you back, and you feel that you want a governmental piece of paper to prove it?  Get one.  Hell, ask me, I'll do the ceremony.  (I'm free on Tuesday nights).  Just take the word gay out of it and start seeing everyone as people, not as a sexual preference.

So what about the words gay and all the other term associated with homosexuality?  I'm tired of them being used as negative words.  I'm taking them back.  Just because society sees the straight white male as normality doesn't mean being gay is bad.  When you use the word gay, use it as a positive thing...

I'm gay for ice cream!
I'm queer for beer!

And I'm a total fag for lesbians!