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Monday, 23 January 2012


Wow, I never thought that I would write a blog.  I mean what really do I have to say that would hold anyones interest accepting maybe my own, and a few close friends. True I love to write and make observations about the world, but really how egotistical of me to think that any of it was worth publishing.

I mean I'm not conceited or anything, I just have a lot of reason to be.  (Credit to Dave Burg on that one.  (Double credit to you if you know who Dave Burg is without the help of Google.))  (By the way, I really enjoy parenthesis.  I often embed them into each other.  I'm never sure however if I should use square brackets as suggested by my math teacher in grade 9.)

It always kind of a fantasy of mine that I could write an email that would go viral and my friends would forward, and then someone would eventually send it back to me with someone else having taken credit.  In a fit of irony I wrote beautiful and eloquent emails telling people that hoax emails were indeed just the 90's version of the chain letter, and that they should be ignored.  I urged my friends not to forward them, thinking that people would understand my sarcasm and beautiful wit.  That perhaps my ingenious use of reverse psychology would prevail.  I never knew if it ever got forwarded, but I never got one back.  I like to assume that its still navigating the globe and one day will return to my inbox like a prodigal son.  Maybe however they actually did some good, and people took them to heart and stopped forwarding emails that promised me true love if only I would forward their poem to 72 friends.  I certainly don't receive as many of those anymore.

I suspect that no one ever got it though, and perhaps my words sit discarded as so many 1's and 0's in an Exchange servers backup tapes somewhere.  Perhaps people took me literally.  They do that quite a bit.  Maybe the world is not ready for my meandering mind, and maybe it never will be.