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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Rainbows and Lollipops

Good morning all! 

I had fun last time I did this so I thought I'd better blog again.  I wish I had much more time in my life.  Frankly though between work, commuting, family, friends, and the little amount of sleep I get, writing blogs just isn't in the cards as much as I'd like.
I actually fancied myself a person who could write quite well. At least I can make a lot of words spill out of my fingers. I think that there is a novel in me somewhere. I've had the first sentence in my head for a while. To put it in perspective, I haven't smoked in probably 15 years, but...

Holy crap, ADD moment here, Madelyn is watching Peter Pan on the TV. They just got captured by the savage indians.  Racisim is so funny when we didn't care about it.  Ah Disney, you and your family entertainment.  Good job putting those redskins in their place. Did you know that indians have red skin because they kissed a girl and blushed, and now they all blush?

Alright, back to my point about having a novel in me...  So like I said, I haven't had a cigarettte in 15 years, so the opening line must have been around since before that.  It opens with:  "Jack pulled the matche's head slowly against the long black stip of..."

Hmmm, I'm not sure if I wanted it to be a wooden match or paper match.  If it was paper then the strip would be black.  If it was wooden, it might be red and gold.  I wonder why they use different colours for different types.   Sorry, ADD'ing again.

So where was I.  Oh yes...  "Jack pulled the matche's head slowly against the long black stip watching it briefly spark, and then explode in a bright white and orange flare on the bright read head of the match.  A whiff of sulfur permated the air..."

I used to love the smell of matched.  Maybe everyone does.  Sulfur is one of the stinkiest things, but on a match, it's enthralling.  I wonder what other horrible smelling things do smell great when burning.  Skunk comes to mind.

So back to the opening of my story.   "A whiff of sulfur permated the air as Jack put the match to the tip of his white cigarette and pulled deeply..."

You know, I still get the occasional craving for a cigarette.  Not often, and not nearly enough to ever light one up...  Just enough for my brain to say.  "You know, a cigarette would taste really good right now."

I guess that feeling never quite goes away.  If they made cigarettes that were good for you, or at least weren't that bad for you, I'd probably still smoke.  I wonder if they'll ever figure out a way to make non-addictive smokes out of brocolli.  When they do sign me up.

Oh, so back to my novel.  I really am ADDing a lot today.  Perhaps I just need a coffee to concentrate.  So where was I.   "A whiff of sulfur permated the air as Jack put the match to the tip of his white cigarette and pulled deeply and the sweet smoke gently filled his lungs taking the edge off the morning hangover.  He hadn't even been drinking that night, but..."

Wow, was I a drinker back then.  I did love me some beer!  Wow, I'm pretty bad ass.  I'm almost ashamed to admit it, I drank Bud back then.  I would probably still drink a Bud if it was all that was offered, don't get me wrong.  I'm not that much of a snob.  I'm just saying I couldn't ever see buying it otherwise.  I'm looking forward to beerfest this year mind you.  It is one of the great highlights of the beer drinking year. It was where I was introduced to Beau's Bog Water.  Still my favourite beer to this day.  It's a shame that only make it around Christmas.  I stocked up this year.  I bought Dundurn out a couple of times this year, and introduced many of my friends to it.  Most loved it.  Some didn't.  (You know who you are.)  Anyway, get yourself some Beau's of any stripe, it is delicous!

Um yeah, so my story.  I don't know why I never got past the first paragraph.  I'm pretty sure it would have been awesome.   I have to go though, Peter Pan I think is about to slap some women around.  I think I'd better turn that off.

Cheers all!